Shaman Suite - Shaman IV

Shaman Suite - Shaman IV "The Parting of the Way/Making Waves" - Coffee Mug

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This premium mug is made of a durable white ceramic. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in USA.  

This one is very personal to me, as artist and healer. I first learned to 'see' energy out at my retreat in the mountains of Colorado. I practiced disappearing my body consciousness part by part until I was only conscious of the pranic energy I was seeing and feeling. That is when the world looked alot like this etching. Lines of light traveled up the backside of the mountain, coming through my heart and out through my arms which could direct the flows. With just a little shift in finger focus I could redirect and alter the directions of the energies. This is exactly what I do as a shamanic healer; bring in light energy and alter it for what the matrix wants...Hence its the title, “The Parting of the Way”

Its also O.K. to make waves...especially if you are responsible to a higher harmony and the slight alterations in the fabric of beingness that would enliven or enlighten the staus quo. That's the humorous title for this work...'Making Waves'