Today I'm writing to tell you about this long distance aura seeing, healing 
and reading class I’m facilitating. We will be exploring many ways to see and work with energy. All you need is a laptop or cell phone & headphones. We will experience how seeing, healing and reading the aura can be instantaneous and just as easy over long distances as if the person is right in front of you. And we will be offering practices for developing all these abilities.
The class is planned for Thursday evenings, six of them, starting on May 23rd, 7 to 9 PM. Ending June 27th 2019. 


The First Class will guide you into minds-eye awakening exercises to experiment with and master. Learn to see aura essence in action and explore different ways to observe it, merge in with it and create from it. 

The Second Class will focus on fine-tuning the observations of the Light~Dark qualities of energy and sense and see the subtle vibrations of color; each color having different effects, feelings, and meanings. Seeing and feeling this for yourself is the best way to learn aura reading and healing. We will be observing our own energies, each other’s and people beyond the class that you know.

The Third Class will present methods of healing. From what you observe, how can you add or subtract energy to lighten and brighten a darkened arena? You will see that the light projections from your own eyes and mind have a powerful healing force ~ that when you see into everything with a ‘smiling’ emanation of amusement and joy, the whole arena you are perceiving lightens up. 

The Fourth Class will be devoted to self-healing; letting your aura and body attract you to the realms within yourself that yearn for more light, more illumination, and less pain and constriction. You will be drawn into areas of density and merge your light, your shine, your good news through and out. We also often just watch, adding our observational electromagnetics to the already miraculous lightworkings of the whole show.

The Fifth Class is focused on the aura reading and healing of each other. We will work in pairs and begin by sharing voice vibrations and names which tune you to each other's fields, then we’ll notice how those vibrations can help create the seen and felt field of the person being observed. This perceiving brings more clairvoyant seeing, hearing and knowing. This information we share and then enact healing techniques. Both people are observant of the shifts and share that as well. At the end of the class, we will all work with each person individually.

The Sixth Class is a surprise. We will co-create it from what we see and want to see together.


The price for all 6 sessions is $120.00 and you can use PayPal or a credit card or send me a check. We have four people registered already and we are wanting to keep it to a modest number of participants, so please if you are interested, give me a call to chat about it.. 970 225-6981.


The current working title for the course is "Staying in the Vicinity of Grace".

So how do we stay in the vicinity of grace? We can learn to see and feel ‘grace’ as light. We can invite it, invoke it, visualize it as an inflow, outflow, flow through, and develop the special light seeing eye that we all have. It’s called the pineal gland and it lives in our middle mind.

Yes, when we focus our awareness into our middle mind’s arena we can act as both the observer and the thought sponsor, thinker guide. The focus brings extra electromagnetic synaptic energy, aka LIGHT. and our light allows us to match vibration with Source Light, enabling us to see and sense realms of spiritual light, (and dark) within us and around us. And when Source Light is felt, seen and merged with, it awakens in us and shines forth, very happy to be engaged with and very willing to co-create with our suggestions, our wishing and our willingness.


Thus wherever we look, we become the light-seeing eye of the adventure. We see where it is light and where it is not so light and when we put our minds to it we can learn how to brighten things up, how to saturate our ‘smiling light’ into whatever person, place or part of ourselves is yearning for more lightness, more liberation, more divine light, harmonious light, grace light. We will learn how to do this middle-minding light-seeing and we will travel to each other as healing explorers carrying our torchlight of happiness.


The fastest way to register is here via PAYPAL

 You can also call me to send a check or pay with a credit card

970 225-6981

( After registering, please call me or text me at 970 225-981 so that I have your contact infomation, email and phone, to get back to you with necessary information.)


WE WILL BE USING A VIDEO CONFERENCING APP CALLED "ZOOM" so we can see and feedback with each other even though most of the 'Seeing' exercises are done with eyes closed. We may do a technical practice a few days before to be sure we all have what we need. I'll let you know. Those who may not have or want to be on camera can do the class just as well with only a phone connection.





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